One of the interesting things about the Plenty Of Fish free dating website is that it has a lot of quite cool features, but it does a horrible job of explaining how to use them. In this guide I’m going to try and explain those that I’m aware of to help you get more action and more dates!

To start with, before even signing up, spend a little time think about your POF user name as this is what everyone is going to know you as. Don’t use any words of a sexual, anal, rasist or vugar nature, or derivatives of, in any shape or form. It will only act to put the majority of people off, before they have even seen your picture or profile.

Spend a little time to choose a harmless username that will at less get you past the “this must be a jerk test”

When signing up and giving your date of birth at least use the correct year and maybe month (so your sign is correct), don’t give your correct dob if you are concerned about identity theft, this applies to anything that that you sign up on the web for!. The reason this is important is because after 2 weeks you cannot change your date of birth, this is usually a problem more for the women who start off making themselves 5-10 years younger and then have to explain it in their profile that the dob is wrong and they can’t change it.

If you can’t be honest about your age you really have little chance of a long term relationship, or even a good dating experiance if you start off with such a lie.